Sell Your Rapid City Home for the Most Money

Why You Need to Start Preparing
Your Home NOW to Sell This Spring

You want to sell your Rapid City home for the most money possible, right?

Duh.  🙂

A few questions for you:

Do you know…does your home meet the standards required for many lending programs?

Do you know…is there anything about your home an insurance company may no longer insure, with their tightening standards?

Do you know…what repairs and maintenance items will give you the most sell your home for the most moneymoolah?

Do you know…how much time it will take for your REALTOR to list your home AFTER everything is clean and ready (arranging for staging, pictures, videos) so it can hit the market with a BANG?

Can you view your home through the glasses of an unimaginative I-just-want-to-move-in buyer?


Think about the last time you bought a used item.  Didn’t you shop around and look at several options?  You probably picked the item that was in the nicest, cleanest, shiniest condition and came the closest to meeting your criteria as possible right?  Weren’t you willing to pay more for the best one?


Home buyers do the same thing. The more you can prepare your home for sale, the faster it will sell – and often for a higher price.

We can help you!


Set up an appointment with us.  We will:

  1. Preview your home from front curb to back curb
  2. Provide a list of necessary and recommended items that will get your home sold quickest for the most money
  3. Provide a list of vendor resources to help with any repairs
  4. Present you with a Neighborhood Market Report
  5. Prepare a Market Analysis to determine your home’s value


Take the time to get the most for your buck!
Call or text us at 605-593-9367 or fill out the form below.

You’ll be glad you did.  And we’ll even be really cool about it!

Yes! Let’s Schedule a Time to Get Started!



sell your rapid city home with the Emond TeamThe Emond Team
Tristan and Sarah Emond

Mindful Living Realty
4447 South Canyon Rd, Suite 1
Rapid City, SD  57702

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