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Tristan and his WHITEBOARD

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Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Complete Buyer's Video Series Library


They are all here.  Each Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Buyer Video episode going through each step of the home buying process.  Watch a few, come back, learn some more.

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Series #Title
1How to Buy a House
2Best Website to Find Your Rapid City Home
38 Steps in Home Buying Process
4Benefits of Face to Face Buyer Consult
5.1Who Should I Hire as Real Estate Agent
5.2Real Estate Agent Paperwork and Legalities
5.3What Does Real Estate Agent Do?
6.1Do I HAVE to get preapproved before home shopping
6.23 Myths Exposed About the Preapproval Process
7.1Let's Look at Homes!
7.2For Sale By Owner and New Construction
7.3Why Does this Home Say Active Online
8.1How Do I Make an Offer on a House?
8.2Offer is IN - Now What?
8.3Digital Signatures to Buy your Home
9.1What is the Home Inspection?
9.2How Do We Negotiate the Home Inspection
9.3Inspection vs Appraisal
9.4Why You Should Get a Home Inspection
10.1Home Insurance
10.26 Insurance Red Flags
11Lender Time!
12.1What is a Home Appraisal?
12.25 Home Apprasisal Issues
13.1What in the World is Title Insurance?
13.2Do I Need a Home Property Survey?
14What Happens During the Final Walk Thru?
15What Happens During Closing?

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