Don’t Get Sunk with These 5 Home Appraisal Issues

Tristan and his WHITEBOARD – Buyer’s Series #12.2


5 Home Appraisal issues we watch out for.




I’ve eluded to this a few times in previous episodes – so here we are!

If you are getting a loan through a government program like VA, FHA, RD, or any other alphabet soup, chances are those loans require the property to have certain conditions to fund said loan.  And the appraisal is their tool to confirm the home meets these conditions.

(It’s NOT a home inspection!)

I talk about those issues, what to look for and expect, and more in this episode of Tristan and his WHITEBOARD.

Another important one…don’t expect to buy a piece of junk with one of these loans in hopes to fix it up.  They won’t finance it.  🙂


I Got It. Let’s Roll.



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