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Home Energy Clear – NEW Services for your Home

Home Energy Clear

Provided by Essence Healing


Clear your home of negative and non-beneficial energies!



Home Energy Clear:  New Services with Mindful Living Realty brought to you by Essence Healing!

Exciting news for Mindful Living Realty – blending some energy work with real estate.

Three options with these services:

  1. Deep Clear
  2. Seller Clear
  3. Buyer Clear

Deep Clear removes negative and non-beneficial vibrations and energies from your home and property and replaces them with positive, lighter vibrations.  It even addresses negative entities.  Do you feel uncomfortable in your home?  Maybe a room you don’t want to go in?  Your kids mentioning they can’t sleep at night because something is in their room?  Might be time for a Deep Clear!

Seller Clear provides the clear of the Deep Clear PLUS removes the attachments, cords and connections that an owner may have with their property.  Shows off the home energetically by allowing the buyers to feel comfortable walking through your home.

Buyer Clear also provides the Deep Clear services on the home they purchase (after closing).  It then raises the vibration of the property and matches/ties the energy of the home buyer to the property.  Start out fresh!

You’ve heard about burying a St. Joseph Statue in the yard to help your property sell quicker…now you can Energy Clear your home!

Check out Essence Healing and the services at: https://www.essencehealingrc.com/home-energy-clearing

Contact Sarah at 605-593-9315 or s.barone.emond@gmail.com.