Tristan and his WHITEBOARD – Seller Video Series List

Tristan and his WHITEBOARD



Tristan and his WHITEBOARD - Sellers Video Series


They are all here.  Listen to every Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Seller Video Series episode as I take you though each step of the home selling process.  Watch a few, come back, learn some more.

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Series #Title
1Prepare. Your. Self.
2.1Who You Should Hire as Your Real Estate Agent
2.2Paperwork Involved in Selling Your Home
3.1Your Home's Value
3.2What Your Home Value is NOT
4Online Home Values
5.1Preparing Your Home For Sale #1: Clean
5.2Preparing Your Home For Sale #2: Declutter
5.3Preparing Your Home For Sale #3: First Impressions
5.4Preparing Your Home For Sale #4: Smells
5.5Preparing Your Home For Sale #5: Appraisal Issues
5.6Preparing Your Home For Sale #6: Insurance Issues
5.7Preparing Your Home For Sale #7: Energy Release
6.1Get it Listed - Paperwork
6.2Get it Listed - Next Steps
6.3Get it Listed - Your Home Online
6.46 Weeks Ongoing Home Marketing System
7.2Showing Feedback
8.1The Offer
8.2Parts of the Offer
8.3Acceptance of the Offer
8.4Final Offer
9.1The Inspections: Home Inspection
9.2The Inspections: Home Appraisal
9.3The Inspections: Title Commitment
10.1Closing Process: Moving Out
10.2Closing Process: Buyers Walk Thru
10.3Closing Process: Final numbers
10.4Closing Process: Closing Day

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