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Isn’t This What you Did When you Were a Kid?

Gotta love technology. 

So my kids have discovered a game online that even my 6 and 7 year old have gotten into.  But just playing the game is not good enough.  They play the game while talking over the internet to each other.



We’ve got a great program called Skype which is not only free, but allows you to talk to someone else for free.  (well – free if it’s on the computer.  They charge for a computer to landline call)  My oldest, Michael, started it all when he stared calling his friend from school over Skpe and they talk while playing their computer games.  So then Emily and Isaiah got this great idea of talking to each other while playing their Wizard 101 game.  One will get on my computer upstairs and the other will be on the computer in the kid’s room downstairs and they will talk to each other while they are in this virtual world.  “Hey, Emily, I just did this!”  “Isaiah, where are you?”  “Ha, ha!  I got this thing.” (sorry, haven’t listened enough to get the correct jargon for you)

I admit I somewhat helped the process along.  (hey – I think it’s cool.  I remember playing games on Dad’s Apple IIplus with my neighbor – on one of those great green colored screens – that consisted running around a single screen to get all the boxes and escape before the stick men could get you)  I created accounts on each computer and brought home a headset from the office I wasn’t using.  But now at least I can sleep in a little longer on Saturday mornings (you know – past 7:00) instead of hearing:
bump, bump, bump, BUMP. (down the stairs)  “EMILY!  WHERE ARE YOU?  OK!” bump, bump, bump, bump. (back up the stairs)  And then repeat at least 2 or 3 times before either Sarah or I manage to get up and tell them to quit playing so we can sleep…

And now I’m trying to figure out how to really relate this to real estate in South Dakota (hey – had to get my SEO tags in the blog somewhere!), but I can’t really other than to say:  Home ownership is great.  Interest rates are great.  Give me a call to see how I can help.

Until next time,
– Tristan

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