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Showing off Your Home For Sale

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Showing off Your Rapid City Home For Sale

It’s the little things that make a difference.

Have you ever been invited over to a neighbor’s party, and wished you hadn’t?

When you walked up the porch and saw the screen door torn up and half hanging on, didn’t you begin to question your decision?

Then you got inside and it was HOT.  There were piles of laundry on the floor and you could tell nothing had been dusted in awhile.  You sat on the arm of the couch because you weren’t too sure about anywhere else.  The handle to the bathroom door fell off as you walked in.  You were beginning to wonder if the home was going to last until you got out of there.

What were you thinking?  You wanted to bolt out the door.  You probably even texted your kids and asked them to call you with an “emergency”.

Next imagine the home that was clean, comfortable and homey.  You had no issues sitting on the couch.  The air smelled fresh.  Things were good.

I realize this is a stark contrast – but I think the point is clear.

When you put your home on the market for sale, it is no longer your home.  It is a commodity.  An item for sale.  What means the world to you may pass by with a simple “Eh” from a buyer.

To get the most money for your home, you need to present it properly.  You need to show to the buyer that you have loved and taken care of your home.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. “What was that??” Decorating Styles

Now I’m not talking accent walls and contemporary, tasteful decor.  I’m talking about the purple ceiling bathrooms, hunter man-caves (sorry guys) and American Girl Doll museums.  You want your buyer to walk away from the home talking about the home, not your collection of beer cans or Star Wars figures.

Pack those things up (you’re going to move anyway, right?) and decorate with some classic stuff.  Things most everyone will either like or at least not dis-like.  I’m not one to tell you to paint everything neutral…sometimes a contemporary wall color selection will really make a home stand out.  Just take care of the really eccentric stuff.  🙂

2. Dirt and Clutter

I know, I know – when you have your friends and family over…you throw stuff into drawers and closets.  Not gonna work for potential buyers.  They’ll be looking in said areas and messes are a turnoff.  If you can’t keep these areas organized, how well have you been taking care of the home??

Same thing with how clean your home is.  Even if your home lacks some updates, if it’s CLEAN, your buyers can overlook a number of things.  If cleaning is not your game, hire it done.  To find out if your home is clean, get that friend of yours (it should be a girl…) that has no problem telling you like it is.   The cleaner, the better…

3. Too Hot or Too Cold

I know you want to save some money, but skimping on your utility bills is not a good investment during your home sale process.  You want your visitors to be comfortable.  To take their time checking out the extra closet space and lazy susans.  To imagine their furniture in your home.  If it’s freezing or boiling, the only thing the buyers want to do is check it out and find comfort back in the car…

Set your thermostat for a comfortable range.

4.  Smells

Oooo.  This is a touchy one.  Smell is a huge factor with buyers.  If your home has a smoke or pet smell, their biggest concern is “Will we even be able to get that smell out?”  They may LOVE the home, but if the smell is strong enough…they will probably move on.

If you have those odors in your home (again – ask your blunt friend to tell it like it is), do what you can to take care of them before you put it on the market.  And make sure you open some windows after that bacon cook-off.  And please don’t use those strong smelling candles or plug-ins.  Many people are sensitive to those.  Plus the first question is “Hrmm.  Wonder what smells they are hiding?”  Get a few of those neutralizing odor plug ins if it helps.

5. Little Repairs Everywhere

First impressions are huge.   As I alluded to in the story above…when your buyers walk up to your door and there is peeling paint and a loose railing, their first thoughts are “What else hasn’t the seller taken care of?  What other repairs am I going to need to make?”  And then they begin to look extra careful about what is wrong with your home (and start counting the dollars to take off your home price) rather than the awesome features of your home.

Sure, it’s not going to be perfect, but make those minor repairs before you list.  Get those leaky faucets fixed.  Make sure the toilets aren’t running.  I hate those bi-fold doors, too, but make sure they are on and sliding decently.  Replace all the burnt out light bulbs.  Tighten those handrails and railings.  Don’t give the buyer cause to think about repairs rather than your breakfast nook.