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Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Seller’s Series – Appraisal and Insurance

Tristan and his WHITEBOARD
Seller’s Video Series Episodes #5.5-5.7

Prepare Your Home For Sale

Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Seller's Video Series


The Prepare Your Home For Sale Series (within the series) concludes with Appraisal Repairs, Insurance Issues, and Releasing Your Energy.

Appraisal Repairs and insurance Issues can be delay closing.  Last minute repairs and requests by the buyer’s insurance company are no fun to deal with when you are trying to get your buddies to pack up your house!

In Episode 5.5, we talk about the most common repairs an appraiser might call for – particularly if your buyer has a government backed loan like FHA or VA.  Get them fixed before you go on the market.  You’ll not only not have to worry about last minute repairs, you’ll probably sell quicker too!

Episode 5.6 talks about insurance issues.  Your buyer’s insurance company may have issues with your property.  Rules and regs are always changing – so what is OK for your company may not be OK for theirs!  Watch the video for the common culprits.

We roll a bit outside of the box in Episode 5.7.  Did you know the energy you hold over your home can deter buyers?  They can feel it if you have a protective control over your home.  Learn to release your energy and allow buyers buy!

Great stuff this week!

See you at the whiteboard!