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What ARE those squiggly boxes on your yard signs?

So just what are those squiggly boxes on your yard signs, Tristan?  Looks like “Where’s Waldo” or if I stare at it at the right angle for a long enough
time an angel will appear or something.

QR code on my real estate sign

Sorry – folks.  No games.  Just more fun tech stuff that I have implemented into my listings this year.  They are called QR codes.  And they provide
a quick way for you smartphone users to access information about my Rapid City and Black Hills listings!

Each listing has a personalized website based on the address.  This one is 212 East Idaho.  So its web address is (Nice listing – sold in 10 days!)  Now you can either plug that address into your mobile’s browser, or you can take a picture of that qr code and you’ll be directed right to the information about the home and all sorts of pictures in minutes.

Never fear – it’s on the flyer, too.  So you can just jump out, grab the flyer and retreat to the comfort of your car while you scan away.

Of course, you’ll need an app for that.  Each smartphone will have apps that may work better than others.  I still have a Blackberry 8330 (I upgrade in 2 months!!  Counting the days!) and have found that the one provided by beetagg works well.  Download the app from your mobile phone at

So try it out.  See how it works.  I would imagine you’ll start seeing these codes (or similar ones) more and more.

Gotta love technology.  It’s so much fun.


– Tristan

Tristan Emond
Prudential Kahler REALTORS



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