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You Need a Sarah in Your Real Estate Transaction | The Emond Team

You Need A Sarah in Your Real Estate Transaction


Sarah Emond


This is Sarah. She is my wife and my friend. And my business partner.

When she joined me in real estate and the Emond Team was founded, the initial plan was for her to have her clients and I have mine.

We quickly realized that wasn’t going to work.

She felt bad at the end of the day when her to-do checklist wasn’t done because she “had” to go out and show homes.

I found creative ways to postpone the checklist items. (lunch with a client? Sure!)

We realized we needed to rely on each other’s strengths.

So, Sarah devoted her time to being transaction coordinator and I became the showing, picture-taking, networking, social media, face guy. (yeah – sorry. She is WAY better to look at…)

She has developed checklists and systems that are consistently keeping track of where each deal is at, and what needs to be done.

While all the glory seems to be on getting a home under contract (“Home sold in 3 days!”)…that is only one piece of the real estate transaction.

What good does an accepted contract do anyone if the paperwork isn’t correct and no one is following up making sure everyone is doing their job? If the deal falls apart, what difference does it make if the home was sold in 48 hours or 48 days?

Enter: Sarah.

Trust me when I say you want her on your deal. She is so detail orientated it’s crazy.

I get in trouble for putting the hard copy paperwork on the wrong side of the folder or naming the digital file wrong. (yes, we can have the conversation on who is the “boss” now…)

Sarah is consistently on top of each transaction. Following up with the lender, the other agent, the title company, and me as well…making sure each piece is done and done RIGHT.

I call her the Paperwork Nazi. We get deals done because of her. Other agents know we can be trusted to do everything right because of her.

Will you still talk to me along the way? You bet. I’ll still be your contact person for your questions, concerns, and updates.

But Sarah is the most amazing backup person anyone could wish for.

I love her. And you will too.

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