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Black Hills Hiking and ATV trails in Piedmont Valley

Black Hills hiking and ATV trails in Piedmont Valley.

For those who are looking for a great place to hike, ride ATVs or dirt bikes not too far from Rapid City, there’s a great spot near Piedmont, South Dakota…just on the edge of the Black Hills National Forest.

Hiking Trail views of Piedmont Valley

You pull into a newly graveled entrance (the old one was scary for a jacked up jeep, much less anything that most people would drive) and park in a big circle parking lot.  Big enough for your trucks pulling ATV trailers, buses with all your kids, or whatever.

Take a hike up the hill and look out over Piedmont Valley, walk through a ravine (my kids call it Firepit Canyon) with an occasional stream at the bottom and climb up rocks on the sides, or walk along the edge of the Hills near Black Hills homes.  There are also trails here for your ATV and dirt bike riding.  Plus the road continues up and around the Hill for those looking into a Jeep ride.  Well, or an adventurous ride with your car, I guess.  Not sure where you’d turn around…I guess that would be part of the adventure!

Hiking the trail near Piedmont, SD

This is just one of the many places to enjoy in the Hills – and not be too far from anything.  Works great for a quick workout!  I went with my son last weekend waiting for my deck to dry…and my legs were feeling it!


Life is good.  We should enjoy it more.


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