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Snowshoeing in the Black Hills

Snowshoeing in the Black Hills.

ISnowshoeing in the Black Hills - fresh snow on the Mickelson Trail thought I would hate it.  After all, I get cold sitting under a blanket watching a movie about snowy, cold weather.

So to get outside and walk up the trail on a day that is just below the 20 degree line?  On my day off, no less?


(I know – you’re asking why I live up in the North…that would be another post…)

As we took off into the snow-laden Black Hills, I forgot how awesome it is in the quiet of the winter.

There was a fresh layer of snow on the Mickelson Trail – halfway between Highway 385 and Rochford.  The few inches was just enough.

Only a slight breeze was swaying the pines.

The snow was gently falling – and it wasn’t our normal blizzard looking snow.  Almost the kind you see in the sappy Christmas movies.

Snowshoeing in the Black Hills - across bridgeOnly a few cars passed by.  (Did I mention it was cold?)

We donned our snowshoes and my sister-in-law hooked on her cross-country skis and off we went.

Admittedly, we weren’t in for a marathon.  We enjoyed each other’s company as we crunched through the snow, took in the scenery, and stopped to listen to the nothingness of the afternoon.  (Oh and there was one toe warmer trading break, but we won’t get into that…)

My hand got cold as I was constantly pulling out my phone to take pictures and videos of the snow covered hills, the stream rushing between the snow and ice, the others on the trail to make this blog look cool…

An hour or so later, red faced and in desperate need of Kleenexes and string cheese, we got warm in the Suburban on the way home.

I felt bad we don’t get out to the Black Hills more often in the middle of the winter.  There are wonders to explore that are just cool.

Next time we get a chance to go snowshoeing in the Black Hills, I might even have some enthusiasm about it!

– Tristan

If we can help you find your Black Hills Home – maybe you can snowshoe from your front deck –
The Emond Team is ready to help!

Snowshoeing in the Black Hills - snowshoe close up