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The Black Hills on a perfect fall day – in pictures!

The Black Hills on a perfect fall day…

So I was out today showing Black Hills log homes to a client.  The temp was about 65, the sun was shining, barely a cloud in the sky.  Needless to say, an awesome day for a scenic drive through the Hills.  I was on Nemo Road and stopped a few times along the way to show the great colors as we move more into fall.

Of course, I didn’t grab my Sony camera before I left (I mean – why would I need THAT??) so the pictures were taken with the trusty Blackberry Curve 8330 – which is a great smartphone, but lacks a few points in the mega pixel category…

Black Hills in the fall - the watermill  Black Hills views in the fall - aspen yellows  Black Hills in the fall - more aspen yellows

Black Hills in the Fall - home surrounded by trees  Black Hills in the fall - creekside views  Black Hills in the fall - more creekside views

(Man those colors would pop so much better if I had the right camera!  Don’t worry – I’ll get over it sooner or later…)

These were taken along Nemo Road on my way back into Rapid City.

Other great fall leafing drives are Spearfish Canyon – most popular – that runs from Spearfish into deeper into the Hills.

My favorite is Vanocker Canyon, which runs from Sturgis to Nemo.

But there are just a few more acres in the Black Hills to explore and see the colors.  We don’t have alot of reds, but the yellows and light greens of the birch and aspens set against the dark green evergreens coupled with the crisp air makes you stop, smile, and appreciate this world we live in.  (that was quite a sentence.)

I hope you are enjoying the fall as much as I am!  

Have a great one,

– Tristan

Tristan Emond
Prudential Kahler REALTORS

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