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The end of September get away to Montana…

A Great Place to Get Away and Camp in Montana

Crazy Mountains campgroundA couple weekends ago, we decided to meet up with my wife’s sister (who lives near Glacier National Park) and meet in the middle for a campout.  About halfway is a mountain range called the Crazy Mountains.  I guess it’s only about a 25 mile long series of mountains that just jumps out at you.  West of Billings about an hour.

Anyway – we head into these mountains and I see the sign 8 miles to the campsite.  (not one of those modern sites mind you…no electricity or shower houses)  I’m thinking, “no problem – we’ll be there in no time.”  But was I ever wrong.  

As we got closer, the road got rougher…

and rougher..

and rougher…

Here I am trying to make some decent time (since it’s already 5:00, the sun is quickly going down and we got the pop-up camper to set up, supper to make on the coals, and I’m watching the temp go further and further down…) on a dirt road that has mud wells and potholes and gets skinnier and curvier.  Suddenly we see a sign: 

Campground:  4 Miles

WHAT??  It felt like we had been driving forever!Crazy Mountains waterfall

Course, now I’m scaring you away…but once we got in and set up, it was a wonderful place to stay.  Quiet.  Surrounded by mountains on all sides.  Just more beautiful, relaxing and grandious than I can really describe.  A creek was running below – splashing over rocks and logs.  And my kids were not around telling me how bored they were!  (thanks, Dad!)

Saturday we took a hike up the canyon.  Waterfalls, scenic bridges, rocky slopes, creek views and more on a pretty decent trail.

It was relaxing, exhilarating, and refreshing.  I think we are planning on an annual thing…

Crazy Mountain Bridge  Crazy Mountains, creek take 2

In our busy lives, we all need a chance to get away, relax and recharge.  This is a great spot if you need to really get away.

And that concludes this portion of Tristan’s Vacation Guide…  

– Tristan

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