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New Episodes of Tristan and his WHITEBOARD! – Time to Go Look at Homes!

It’s time to go Look at HOMES! (finally, right?)

New Episodes of Tristan and his WHITEBOARD


Tristan and his WHITEBOARD look at homes

We’ve talked about planning, and websites and preapprovals and more…

Now it’s time to get in the car and check out those homes!   (Never fear, WHITEBOARD will stay on the wall…)

Three episodes are released this week:

In Episode #7.1, we talk about the process of looking at homes…how I work as an agent, what you should expect, and a few things to look for.

In Episode #7.2, we discuss buying a for sale by owner home or new construction homes.  There are pros and cons of each!

Finally Episode #7.3 takes us back online where I cover the different statuses  (is that a word?  statuseus? statusi?) you might see online.  You’ll see alot of “ACTIVE” and I walk you through why…

And what you’ve been waiting on…I sing in this episode set.  It ain’t great, but you should get a laugh out of it.

Don’t wait around.  I’ve got the car in drive!

See you at the WHITEBOARD