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Tubing at Ski Mystic Resort on Deer Mountain

Mystic Miner Zero Gravity Tube Park – Winter Fun Day!

The weather was awesome, the winds were crazy (which was a great relief lately) and good times were had by all.

Looking at the hill, I figured – yeah, no big.  But I was surprised!  We flew down that hill!

Zero Gravity Tube ParkOf course, it was just not just me.  Every trip down was at least 2-3 tubes linked together.  Most of the time 4.  It was a riot!  A few times I thought we were going over the edge.  Trying to slow down enough at the end to stop was a chore in itself!

Rates were not the cheapest…you could tube for a 2 hour time frame for $25.  ($30 on holiday weekend or Christmas/New Years)  Our wait time on the bottom of the hill was low, so by the end of 2 hours, some of the kids were done.  I could’ve gone a couple more rounds, but all day would have been too much.

They even have a Friday night tube from 5-8.  We gotta try that sometime!

Ski Mystic Resort at Deer Mountain sits in a great location with awesome views of the Black Hills.  Not only do they feature snow tubing, but skiing, snowboarding, and lessons.  

Fun times, beautiful Black Hills views…and it qualifies under family quality time!