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“Winner” – New Home Buyer’s Testimonial

As REALTORS, the best part of the job is making people smile.

Hearing the wife squeal “YES!” in the background when I tell them their offer is accepted.

Sellers sighing with relief at the closing table once their home is sold – giving them the freedom to move on.

Presenting an offer after only a few days of being on the market.

Or seeing their face light up when they walk through the doors of their brand new home they haven’t even seen yet…This was the case of Dave and Stephanie.

Unable to make a trip up before their relocation from Texas, we found them a new construction home that was partially built.  Through the beauty of Facetime, email and digital signatures, they purchased and customized the home sight unseen.

And, much to my relief, loved it when they got into town.  🙂

Above is their testimonial.

Nah – we don’t change the world.  But we enjoy doing what we can to make someone else’s a little happier.