Fun Stuff

Rapid City agents help out fellow REALTOR in need

Last week was the Prudential Kahler REALTORS annual benefit chili cookoff competition!

What started off as a friendly in-house (yet very competitive) chili cookoff competition has morphed into an annual fundraising event where money is raised to support a REALTOR in need.

This year, almost $2,500 was given to a REALTOR whose wife was fighting a serious cancer that had been misdiagnosed early last year.

We had 18 chili entries and 7 bread entries.  Each entry was $10.  Then other REALTORS, lenders and anyone who would come were invited to vote for their favorites.  For each $10, they got a ballot.  Many were generous and gave more.

We had fun, had good food, and it was for a great cause.

Way to Go, Rapid City REALTORS!!

What will next year bring??


–  Tristan