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Just in time for SPRING! Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Seller Video Series



It is time.  But first, you must

Prepare. Your. Self.


Tristan and his WHITEBOARD Seller Video Series


Are you ready to sell your Rapid City home??  What is the first step??

Probably for me to take my shades off….

Make sure you are ready…I mean mentally.  People going through your home, keeping it show ready…plus other questions to ask yourself!  This stuff rolls on in Episode 1!

Episode 2.1 continues with the next step:  Hiring that real estate agent to help you with the process.  I give 3 tips to find the right one.

Then we have the fun one!  In episode 2.2 we talk about the paperwork, documents and disclosures needed to get your home listed on the market.  A real barn burner for sure, but don’t miss it!  Important stuff!!

I’m grateful to help you learn more about what to expect when selling your Rapid City home!

Questions?  605-593-9367 or team@rapidhomesonline.com.   Stay tuned for more Tristan and his WHITEBOARD!

See you at the WHITEBOARD!!